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Poured-In-Place Safety Surfacing has become the surface of choice for public and private playgrounds. We install a 2-layer system consisting of a base material made of 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and polyurethane. The thickness of this surface can be modified to meet critical fall height requirements, providing maximum safety for all playgrounds. East Coast Surfacing system is maintenance Free so you can rest assured that your playground is the safest it can be at all times.

Unlike traditional safety surfacing such as wood chips, sand or gravel, poured-in-place safety surfacing is a smooth, level, porous and seamless safety surfacing that will remain consistent and resilient for many years.  With our system you will not have to replenish every year or maintain it daily.  Without maintaining other safety surfaces they will not remain consistently level and that creates potential dangerous trip hazards.

Poured-In-Place safety surfacing is a perfect solution for playgrounds that need to accommodate children with special needs.  Unlike other systems our poured-in-place safety surfacing system can be customized to the colors, shapes and designs personalized just for you!

Safety Surfacing Comparison Chart


Engineered Wood Fiber

Sand, Pea Gravel

Rubber Tiles

Controlled, Consistent shock absorption

Inconsistent Shock Absorbent Qualities, Best When New

Inconsistent Shock Absorbent Qualities, at 10" & 12" Deep

Consistent Shock Absorption

Porous, no puddling & dries quickly

Absorbs Moisture, Molds and Freezes

Absorbs Moisture and Freezes

Allows Puddling

Durable, Low Maintenance

Moderate to High Maintenance, Decomposes and Pulverizes

Moderate to High Maintenance, Must Be Contained

Durable, Moderate to Low Maintenance

Clean, Does Not Conceal Foreign Objects

Dirty, Conceals Dangerous Foreign Objects and Bacteria

Dirty, Conceals Dangerous Foreign Objects and Bacteria

Weeds Grow In The Seams

Flame Resistant



Flame Resistant

Self-Contained, No Loose Particles

Wind Blows, Children Throw and Kick It Out

May Be Displaced by Water, Wind and Children

No Loose Particles

Seamless, No Trip Hazards

Uneven Surface, May Cause Tripping

Uneven Surface, May Cause Tripping

Cross Lateral Seams, May Cause Tripping

Endless Design and Color Options

Limited Design and Color Options

Limited Design and Color Options

Limited Design and Color Options




Slippery When Wet

ADA Complaint

ADA Compliant

Not ADA Compliant

ADA Compliant

Exceeds CPSC Standards

CPSC Compliant

CPSC Compliant

CPSC Compliant


Poured-in-Place safety surfaces are becoming the surface of choice for public and private schools, parks and daycare centers.  What exactly is a poured-in-place safety surface?  Traditionally, playground surfaces have consisted of a ground fill of wood chips or sand, both of which are materials that are prone to long and short term problems.  In the short term, it is impossible to maintain a smooth and trip-free surface in playgrounds that do not have a poured-in-place safety surface system.

Our poured-in-place safety surface system is completely smooth with no uneven rises or falls because even though you see designs and colors, the finished product becomes one large surface, which cannot be kicked out from under foot.  Although it may look like asphalt, the feel is entirely difference.  The minute you step or bounce on a poured-in-place safety surface you will notice how high the shock absorbency is, all while providing stable footing.  The fact that the surface is completely level and will remain so makes the playground more accessible and safer for children.


Facts & Benefits




     check-mark-red.jpg PLAYGROUNDS



    check-mark-red.jpg JOGGING TRACKS
checkmark.jpg NON-SLIP     check-mark-red.jpg POOL DECKS
checkmark.jpg ADA COMPLIANT     check-mark-red.jpg SPLASH PARKS
checkmark.jpg POROUS, DOES NOT PUDDLE     check-mark-red.jpg SPORT & RECREATION AREAS
checkmark.jpg DURABLE     check-mark-red.jpg FITNESS TRAILS
checkmark.jpg LOW MAINTENANCE     check-mark-red.jpg WALKWAYS
checkmark.jpg FIRE RESISTANT           schmul.park-.cropped.jpg
checkmark.jpg ENDLESS DESIGNS & COLORS    
checkmark.jpg MEETS CPSC GUIDELINES    

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