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  • Rated the safest rubber mulch and groundcover on the market for playgrounds

  • A smaller nugget (about 1/2 inch in size) than our NuPlay and NuScape brands

    Re-Play, sold nationally at Lowe's is a smaller nugget mulch (about 1/2 inch in size) than our other nugget mulch brands. This product is only available in brown. If you are looking for a color match to a nugget mulch made by IMC, please contact us so that we can guarantee your satisfaction. *Installation instructions below.

    • Provides a soft surface to help keep children safe on the playground

    • Creates a pliable, resilient surface to help reduce the stress on joints and bones

    • 99.9% wire free

    • Exceeds standards set by the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

    • IMC’s most affordable rubber mulch groundcover for playgrounds and paths

    • Maintains beauty even after years of exposure to the elements

    • Made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials approved by the EPA and Northwest Laboratories of Seattle, Inc.

    • Inhibits growth of molds and fungi, reducing allergy risk

    • Five times heavier than wood mulches, this rubber mulch will not float, absorb water or erode during heavy rain and flooding

    • Does not attract termites, carpenter ants or other harmful insects


    * Installation Guidelines for Playground

    • The ground area where the playground will lie should either be in location that will not hold water, or have slight grade to allow for proper drainage. In areas where drainage could be an issue; it is recommended to install a drain tile system, with a 3” base of pea gravel or rock to allow for proper drainage.

    • Heavy duty weed fabric should be installed under Re-Play mulch to separate the mulch from what lies beneath. Depending on the size of the playground, it is recommended to use large rolls of weed fabric (12’ width rolls) to minimize the number seams.

    • Use landscape stakes to stake down weed fabric seams and corners. Make sure the stakes are completely hammered down.

    • A border is recommended to enclose the playground to contain the mulch. It is recommended to have a few inches between the top of the border and the top of the mulch.

    • It is recommended to loosely compact the mulch to either 3 or 6 inches to achieve the desired fall height rating.


    Installation for Landscaping


    • Install Re-Play mulch at a 2" depth.

    • It is not necessary, but recommended to install Re-Play mulch over a permeable weed fabric. Using a weed fabric will increase coverage per bag/box and decrease risk of weeds. Also, using felt type weed fabric will help keep the mulch in place.

    • If installing Re-Play mulch over existing mulch/soil, make sure the ground surface is a compacted material, free of debris and loose objects. NuScape mulch will look its best when not mixed in with other debris.

    • When installing Re-Play mulch in mulch/plant beds, it is recommended that the beds have a border to help contain the mulch. The border can either be a raised border such as a poured concrete/brick border, or a dug border such as a 2” deep trench around the bed.

    • To clear leaves and other debris off the top of Re-Play mulch, use a blower on a low setting. Since Re-Play is heavier than grass clippings and leaves, it will stay in place while the debris is blown away.


    Re-Play has one of the highest shock absorption ratings of any playground covering and rubber mulch, as outlined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. It safely absorbs the impact of falls from heights greater than that of gravel, sand, wood chips and other mulches. Tests determined how high a child could safely fall into a layer of covering six inches deep.



    Here’s how Re-Play rates among other groundcovers:

    Critical Heights of Tested Materials of 6” Depth

    Re-Play 16 feet

    Wood chips 7 feet

    Engineered wood fibers 6 feet

    Wood mulch 6 feet

    Double-shredded bark 6 feet

    Fine gravel 6 feet

    Medium gravel 5 feet

    Fine sand 5 feet

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