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A cost-effective engineered wood fiber known for its ability to absorb high impacts, as well as excellent slip resistance and accessibility. Three different WoodCarpet® systems are available for a wide range of protective surface needs. We also offer a WoodCarpet® Bonded 1 system designed for easy installation over a gravel base.

8-12 inches of WoodCarpet® combined with 3-4 inches of gravel and our Duraliner® fabric make this the most affordable system that we offer. Because of kick-out under equipment we recommend 8″ thickness for equipment 4ft. and under and 12″ thickness for equipment over 4 ft. Install a drainage system below your Woodcarpet to extend the life of your surfacing.




  • 8″ Rated to 8′

  • 12″ Rated to 12′


Yes, with proper installation and maintenance.


Soil or Sand


Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally. Pre-Consumer Recovered Content.


Simple Installation. Affordable. System Discounts Available.


Includes raking and topping off.


Meets ASTM F1292 for 15 years (must be installed & maintained per Zeager specifications)


No two playgrounds are alike. They all have their unique mix of terrain, surroundings, equipment and traffic. To ensure that every customer of Zeager Bros., Inc. has the right playground surfacing solution, we have created a high-value, high-performance lineup of engineered wood mulch products for outdoor playgrounds, our WoodCarpet collection. Natural, durable and affordable, our wood fiber surfacing is designed to provide many great benefits:

  • Offers the right amount of cushioning for the most intense of children’s play. This includes running, jumping and tumbling, as well as those unfortunate trips and spills that can’t be avoided but can be serious if the ground is too hard.

  • When installed correctly, our wood fiber safety surfacing allows excellent water drainage. This makes it an excellent playground surface in all types of climates and locations, without having to worry about water pooling and saturation.

  • Little maintenance is required with our wood fiber products. They are meant to be installed and enjoyed, and give years of trouble-free service. Aside from some basic raking and topping off, our customers enjoy hassle-free use of our wood mulch playgrounds.

  • We have engineered our wood fiber products to be not only resistant, but also attractive. The natural wood fiber looks great with little fading or darkening over time, and provides a harmonious appearance for any setting, rural or urban.

  • Our wood fiber playground surface is easy to install and offers great value. Because it is durable, it saves you money over the long term. We also guarantee our WoodCarpet products for 15 years, when installed and maintained to our specifications.

  • Green attributes include local raw material extraction, processing and manufacturing, to reduce the carbon footprint related to transportation. Pre-consumer recovered content also means you’re helping avoid waste going to landfill.

When you combine these great Zeager attributes, choosing our wood mulch surfacing products for your playground becomes an easy choice. We have become an industry leader in the area thanks to our dedication to offering useful, value-packed solutions through intelligent engineering and paying attention to our customers. Start by choosing the WoodCarpet that suits your needs, let us propose the base layers that will help with stability and drainage and then share our installation and maintenance suggestions for a true full-service solution.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already planned your playground surfacing project, and simply need to calculate the amount of wood mulch you need, or if you’re still in the planning stages and are not yet sure which type of mulch you need. In both cases, simply give us a call and we’ll work closely with you to find the right solution. With our years of experience, we can propose the best surface performance and best value for your playground.

If you’re concerned about keeping on budget while offering excellent safety and durability results, Zeager Bros., Inc. is your partner for your next playground surfacing job. We look forward to hearing from you, and showing you why we are the engineered wood mulch experts.

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