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Want an even better WoodCarpet® system that already features tremendous fall protection? Simply combine our WoodCarpet® with our WoodCarpet® Resilient/Drainage Pad for even greater performance. WoodCarpet® Resilient/Drainage Pad 100% thermally-fused, closed-cell polyethylene foam nuggets combined under pressure and heat to form a consistent layer of resilient cushioning while providing superior drainage.




10” Over Woodcarpet® Resilient/Drainage Pad Rated to 12’


Yes, with proper installation and maintenance.


Soil or Sand or Asphalt*

*(Asphalt requires 12” of WoodCarpet and TuffMats)


Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally. Pre-Consumer Recovered Content.


Increased Safety. Ease of Installation. System Discounts Available.


Includes raking and topping off.


Meets ASTM F1292 for 20 years.



Whether you’re designing an all-new playground or upgrading an existing one, you want to plan for the right surfacing. Our Zeager Bros., Inc. WoodCarpert wood fiber mulch combines many appealing traits that make it a great choice. The safest, best-designed playground structure isn’t going to suit children well if the surface they’re running, playing and occasionally falling on isn’t designed with the same regards to comfort, safety and durability.

That’s where WoodCarpet comes in. Our unique WoodCarpet wood fiber mulch for playgrounds is engineered to offer many great benefits:

  • Increased safety and comfort for the kind of playing, running, jumping and tumbling children do on a playground, thanks to excellent cushioning properties

  • Long-wearing surfaces that are durable and resistant, and backed by field testing in real-world hot, cold and wet conditions representing year-round use

  • Attractive, appealing installation in a range of colors that provides flat, seamless continuity to eliminate tripping hazards and potential wear areas

  • Health, safety and environmental compliance to major playground surface industry standards, including IPEMA, ADA, ASTM, CPSC and CSA

  • Excellent drainage and drying when installed according to our guidelines, and using our DuraDrain base panels as a foundation

  • Warranty coverage on our materials when properly installed, and liability insurance of more than $10 million in case of serious injury

WoodCarpet playground mulch from Zeager Bros., Inc. is the perfect surface for your playground. It is designed with year-round conditions in mind, and can take the use and abuse that children dish out.


You may not be an expert in playground surfaces, but that’s OK. Our team at Zeager Bros., Inc. has spent years creating a high-quality, high-value wood carpet  for playgrounds so we can answer any questions you might have, and supply you with the products, accessories and know-how you need to complete your playground surfacing project.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a single small playground in your neighborhood or a large project covering many parks and play pads all over your town or area. In all cases, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will sit down with you and discuss your needs for wood carpet playground mulch. We have a handy online wood playground mulch calculator designed to help you calculate the amount of mulch you need, eliminating any guesswork.

We will start by asking about the playground type you have in mind. We can propose different thicknesses of mulch, depending on the traffic and expected use. We can also explain the importance of adequate drainage, and how to properly install the various layers of your playground surface. We will also highlight the other positives of WoodCarpet, including its green fabrication, local sourcing and consistent appearance.

Make the most of your playground surface investment and choose one of the proven names in the industry. Zeager wood fiber mulch for playgrounds is trusted by many as a quality material for all types of playground uses. Give us a call today and tell us about your project, and we’d be happy to tell you more about how WoodCarpet mulch can suit your playground surface needs.

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