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Ultimate Natural is a real-looking artificial turf that intertwines field green and olive green soft spun monofilament c-shaped blades with nutmeg thatch to create a soft yet durable turf designed to match the look and feel of real grass. UV-resistance polyethylene projects against fading and discoloration to ensure your new yard will maintain it’s color for years to come. Ultimate Natural is a great natural looking artificial turf for residential or commercial purposes.

Height: 1 1/2”
Weight: 80 oz. 
Infill Options Types: Silicia Sand, Envirofill Acyrlic Coated Sand
Blade Color: Field Green/Olive Green
Thatch Color: Nutmeg & Olive Green
Drainage: Proprietary MaxxFlow™ backing draining >250 inches per hour
Warranty: 15 Years

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