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Pet Friendly Turf

EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs, with its revolutionary drainage capabilities, along with its realistic look and feel, make it the number one choice for pet owners. Because of its unmatched artificial dog grass durability, EasyTurf has proven to stand up to the most challenging of pets and its low maintenance features make keeping a beautiful, problem-free lawn all year long easy.


Plus, over time, EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs saves thousands of dollars in maintenance and watering. Make your pets happy with San Diego pet turf.

Why A Pet Friendly Turf ?

  • MaxxFlow, proprietary drainage technology, makes pet grass clean up a snap

  • EasyTurf artificial grass will not discolor or stain from pet use

  • Muddy paws and dirty pets are a thing of the past

  • EasyTurf artificial grass for dogs is non-toxic giving you peace of mind

  • EasyTurf is durable, standing up to even the toughest of pets

  • Dead grass and brown spots are a thing of the past with EasyTurf dog grass



pedigree short.jpg

Pedigree Short

Pedigree pet.jpg

Pedigree Pet

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MaxxFlow, proprietary technology for 100% permeable, rinse-clean drainage technology.

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Unmatched, 15 year warranty backed by the industry leader to give you peace of mind.

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Unique multi-colored blades intertwined to match the look and feel of real grass.

Backyards Just Got Better!

Stop Paying for your lawn and start playing on your lawn!

We've Spared no expense in creating the most sophisticated, softest and most realistic turf solutions. Extraordinary design, flexibility and superior engineering ensure unsurpassed beauty, performance and durability in all-weather environments with exceptional play-ability for years to come.

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